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Specialists in Occupational Health / Working Age Health and Wellbeing

Our Services


In order to help employers maintain the health and wellbeing of employees and ensure the Legislative requirement is fulfilled.

We provide the following services: -

Sickness absence referrals / Fitness for Work assessments​
Managing sickness absence is a priority for many organisations.  Employees with extended periods of sickness absence and chronic medical conditions / disability will benefit from an occupational health intervention which leads to effective and early rehabilitation back to work and helps with work retention. 

OccMed Consultants professional staff can work with an organisation to help ensure employees maintain their health and wellbeing, helping to reduce the development of chronic diseases, identify them at an early stage, helping to reduce sickness absence, presenteeism (being in work when ill) and Leavism (using annual leave when sick). 

Pre-employment health assessments

To ensure newly appointed employees are fit for the role, any adjustments are put in place to accommodate existing disability and to undertake a baseline health assessment / health surveillance to reduce thew impact of future legal claims against an organisation.

Health surveillance / Annual medicals
Health surveillance may include assessments of hearing, the effects of vibration, skin, musculoskeletal and lung function testing. These assessments can be supplemented with annual medicals which can help identify early warning signs and early development of health conditions, enabling interventions to occur.

General health assessment

-  Blood pressure
-  Height / weight / body mass index / % body fat
-  Vision - distance, near and colour
-  Urinalysis
-  Cholesterol testing
-  Blood glucose testing
-  ECG

LGV / PCV / Forklift Truck Medicals
Ensuring Medical Fitness to Drive in line with DVLA guidance

Executive Medicals
As a baseline for assessment of the health and wellbeing of executives, including providing a detailed report on health advice for health improvement

Policy Development
For example input into Management of Attendance Policies, Stress at work policy, COSHH policy, Noise at Work policy

Night Workers Health Assessment
In line with the Working time Regulations

Food Handlers Health Assessment

Ill Health Retirement assessments
In line with pension scheme guidance

​Safety Critical Work Medicals
Such as working at heights, in enclosed spaces etc.

Drug and Alcohol Testing
In line with the company Drug and alcohol policy

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