Pre-placement Health Assessment / Work Health Assessment

With Disability Legislation the onus of pre-employment health assessment has changed.

It is important that employers are able to fulfil their requirement within the Legislation to enable those with Disabilities to Access work and to provide reasonable adjustment within work to ensure the Disabled applicant is not disadvantaged.

Specialist Occupational Medical Advice can assist employers in meeting these requirements.

A pre-placement / work health assessment is undertaken once a firm offer of employment is made and can assist in:-

  • Identifying those new employees who have chronic health conditions / disabilities.
  • Making recommendations on adjustments for employers to make a decision as to whether they are reasonably practicable.
  • Making any recommendations to ensure the health and safety of new and existing employees.

It also provides an opportunity to assist in induction, health promotion and general health advice to ensure ongoing health and wellbeing.

Baseline Health surveillance will assist in identifying pre-existing issues such as hearing loss, protecting you from future allegations and Legal action if your workplace is noisy, and assist in optimising control of workplace risks.

If your company has a Drug and Alcohol policy, pre-employment Drug and Alcohol testing can also be undertaken.



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