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Health surveillance / medicals

Health surveillance is a Legislative requirement under many of the health and safety Regulations such as:- 

  • Noise at Work Regulations -
    • Hearing assessments and audiometry
  • COSHH Regulations -
    • Respiratory health surveillance by questionnaire and / or Spirometry
    • Skin Health Surveillance
  • Vibration at Work Regulations -
    • Surveillance for Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome

Annual health surveillance assessments also give an opportunity for screening, health promotion and undertaking annual medicals which are now being recommended for example in those employees aged over 40 years old by NHS England.

This can enable the early identification of medical conditions such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Musculoskeletal and Mental Health conditions.

Other assessments can be arranged depending on your organisation's risk assessments including:-

  • Workplace visits in assisting your risk assessments.
  • Display Screen Equipment risk assessments.