Doctors in Difficulty

We are specialists in the management of Drs requiring support, having gained enhanced competencies in managing Drs. This is line with the Faculty of Occupational Medicine Advanced Competencies in the management of the Health of Health Professionals.

It is recognised that Drs seek support for health problems at a late stage and have concerns about confidentiality and stigma as well as fear about potential adverse consequences of being ill. Drs tend to remain in work despite being unfit to do so (presenteeism), and take annual leave when unwell (Leavism) instead of sickness absence.

OccMed Consultants offer confidential, private, off site appointments for Drs experiencing difficulties, requiring support who prefer an out of area service.

We accept self referrals and will only provide feedback to the employer with written informed consent, offering a copy of the report before it is sent in line with GMC guidance.

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Recent worrying statistics

80% of Drs are feeling excess levels of pressure / stress.

90% of Drs feel underlying health issues are mostly work related.

Medicine is an inherently stressful Occupation with increasing stressors due to the increasing demands, managing patients with multi-pathology and working in cultures which may be punitive and non supportive.

It is estimated 80% of Drs are very stressed in work and somewhere between 40-50% are suffering a recognised Mental Health diagnosis.

Classically such workplace injury has been called 'burnout', however more recently the Royal College of Physicians have recognised 'workplace injury' as a cause, rather than individual resilience.

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