OccMed Consultants​
Specialists in Occupational Health / Working Age Health and Wellbeing

Annual Medicals

  • Vision testing - can assist in those who drive forklift trucks in work, are DSE users or require good vision in day to day work.
  • Musculoskeletal assessment as many employees develop musculoskeletal symptoms, which if picked up early can lead to early. interventions and prevent sickness absence.
  • Generalhealth checks of blood pressure, height / weight / BMI,
  • A general health review, including a general health questionnaire and discussion of ongoing health issues and their impact on health and work. This can identify underlying medical conditions where condition management can help the employee to continue working in a regular and reliable fashion.
  • Urinalysis and  bloodglucose testing can help identify the onset of diabetes which is increasing in prevalence and this can be managed early to avoid complications
  • Blood cholesterol testing
  • ECG
  • Fitness testing 
  • Health and wellbeing advice - stop smoking, healthy diet, increase exercise, activity - sit less move more.
  • An assessment of any stressors which identified early and managed could lead to reduced absence from work related stress 

Executive Medicals

Your senior management teamhealth and wellbeing optimisation can ensure enhanced productivity for your organisation. Our specialist team can provide executive medical appointments and a relaxed consultation giving health and wellbeing advice at times that suit your team. The assessments include all of the aspects of the annual medical plus a consultation with the Consultant Occupational Physician who will use a number of health and wellbeing tools, motivational interviewing and advice on such things as managing stress, avoiding burnout, enhancing resilience, identifying a SMART action plan for improved health and wellbeing.