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Specialists in Occupational Health / Working Age Health and Wellbeing

Sickness absence referrals / assessments​ - in our Magherafelt Offices in Northern Ireland

Managing sickness absence is a complex priority for many organisations and specialist occupational health advice can help.

For example the UK statistics show that the average employee loses 6.9 days per year at work, at an average cost of £550 per employee per year. This has a knock on effect to those remaining in work and covering for the absence due to increased workload. Locum or agency staff is also a further cost.

There has been a 40% increase in stress related absence in the last 5 years and this continues to grow.

Employees with extended periods of sickness absence will benefit from a health or workplace health intervention which leads to effective rehabilitation back to work and increased work retention.  OccMed Consultants can work with an organisation to improve employee health and wellbeing and the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation.

There are many ways independent specialist occupational health medical advice can help:-

  • Referral for fitness for work assessments -
    • Is the employee fit for work?
  • Frequent short term absence -
    • Is there an underlying medical condition or disability?
    • Is there any advice to assist the management of regular and reliable attendance in work?
    • Are there any adjustments which can put in place to assist the employee?
  • Long term sickness absence -
    • Does the employee have a disability?
    • Is there any advice on assisting their own management of their condition?
    • What can the company do to enable return to work and reduce barriers to work?

  • Return to work plan
    • ​A detailed report / return to work plan will be sent to the referring manager. This will be drafted on the same day as the assessment, and the patient offered a copy in line with ethical guidance. The report should be available to management within 5 working days, so that planning can commence as soon as possible.
  • Complex case management
    • ​This will include cases who are having difficulty continuing in work, further advice on adjustments and advice on ill health retirement if nearing the end of their ability to continue working regularly and reliably. 
    • ​Ongoing case management and review of employees who have been unable to return to work, to ensure all Legislative requirements and duty of care have been met by the company.
  • Education Packages to Managers
    • On how to effectively manage Sickness Absence
    • When and how to refer to Occupational Health
    • Optimising Management - acting on OH reports, conducting return to work interviews, implementing reasonable adjustments
    • Work retention - identifying early warning signs of employees in difficulty, to enable proactive intervention and support.